I was born+raised in the mitten, chase the light and consider myself quite the design enthusiast. 

I met the love of my life when I was 20, although, we did not know it yet. Life took us our separate ways, but we found our way back to one another a decade later. I know my purpose was fulfilled the moment I became a mama. I look into the eyes of our five-year old and I see myself. He is witty, bossy, funny and likes things his way. No one would link his little brother to me, but our blue-eyed, blonde-haired three-year-old is the spitting image of his daddy, is ever-so-stubborn, laughs with all he has and he loves his mama fiercely. Add in our two large pups, Bel + Max, and that is my adorable little family.

I’ve always loved the arts, but numbers are also my jam. I was offered a full academic scholarship to Wayne State University and found myself in the heart of Detroit, which sparked my love for our city long ago. I had four years to earn my degree; my heart said art school, but my brain said business. After graduating in finance, I began my career and climbed that corporate ladder. I still work for the man in my 9-5 today and I’m as passionate about it today as I was when I started.

It was the travel within my corporate gig that caused me to finally splurge and purchase my first “real” camera. I was going to a conference in Banff, one of the most picturesque places in the world, and I just knew it was the right time. That one trip sparked it all. 

oh, hey. I'M kristin. 

that's me

When I came home, I enrolled in a photography course and my trajectory was set. I’ve been shooting professionally since 2012 and here we are eight years later. It’s pretty incredible to say I’ve shot literally hundreds of portrait sessions and over 100 weddings — I mean, in what other job could you quite literally be such an integral part of the best day of someone’s life over and over and over again. What an honor. 

Don't get me wrong, there have been times where I have wanted to focus on my art full time, bu what I love most about this ebb + flow is that this allows KGP to simply remain fun.

I also recognize that choosing the right photographer for you can be a daunting task; I know because I’ve gone through it first-hand. My own portraits were taken by different photographers at various milestones in my life and I certainly did not take this selection lightly. There is no doubt that custom photography is an investment. You will be dedicating a lot of thought, time, and money into this moment. Above all else, I want to be sure we are the perfect fit and that I am able to give you exactly what it is you are looking for. If my words + images resonate with you, then I will be honored to be the one chosen to preserve your own memories and absolutely cannot wait to connect with you! xo

Just call me kg.

And so, I affectionately refer to KGP as my side hustle.

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Sunrise + Sunset are my favorite times of the day and I'm fairly certain that clouds exist strictly to make that sky look incredible.

gimme that light

Whenever I'm asked my fave vacation spot, the answer is always our family cabin on the lake.  It's been in my family since before I was born.

LOVES up north

My husband, two young boys + two big dogs are my world. I know my purpose on this Earth was fulfilled the moment I became a mama.

family is everything

I'm a total interior designer wannabe. There is rarely a DIY I won't tackle, I own plenty of power tools, and I peruse lighting catalogs at my leisure.



I'm your girl. let's discuss.

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