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This may sound lame, but I know my purpose on this Earth was fulfilled the moment I became a mama. 

My goal is to capture life as it is right now, because it truly is fleeting. My own newborn photos are some of my most cherished treasures; my boys are now 5 and 3 and I love reliving these moments. I shoot lifestyle sessions, meaning you just being … you. It will be fun, I promise. Think of it as me telling your story.

My sessions are all shot on-location, so you will want to consider what kind of vibe you want your images to portray. We will pick a spot that resonates with you, be it something naturesque, like a metro park; an urban vibe, like downtown Detroit or Birmingham; or my personal favorite: in-home sessions.

Newborn sessions are simply some of my favorites to photograph. Sweet faces. Tiny toes. Baby eyelashes. Real moments. So much love.

As I focus on a lifestyle aesthetic (and not posed images), anytime within the first few weeks following birth works well (my typical newborn session is around the two-week mark). This is also about the time that the new parents feel like they somewhat have the hang of things, but technically, "newborn" is any time between birth and three months old.

Life before the next chapter.

I would say it's the calm before the storm, but the storm is also so beautiful that I wouldn't even describe it that way. 

I recommend that you schedule your maternity session between 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. This tends to be the sweet spot where you are big enough that you are showing, but not so big that you feel uncomfortable. I want you to look and feel as amazing as everyone else already thinks you are.





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