November 7, 2012


Mari and Chris booked me up front for a bundled session of three and all I can think when that happens is, ‘yes! I’m going to get to see this little babe three times over the next year!’ They live in the GORGeous Cranbook community and their home is full of charm and tons of character! They were actually packing up to move to another unit within the school so I am so grateful that we were able to shoot at the place where Jack was born before they moved onto the next chapter.
Jack was an absolute dream to photograph. You can tell he is the light of their life, with their golden lab, Bella, coming in a very close second. 🙂 As they had begun packing for their move, we shot primarily in the living room and their master bedroom, being that they knew they were moving and did not have a dedicated nursery. Like most moms who contact me who are worried when their nursery isn’t done, I told Mari not to think twice about it — and I’m sure you’ll agree. There are always details to capture that showcase the story of the little babe. Don’t let something like this deter you from booking a session … ever!
M&C, I had such a great time with the both of you and I am ecstatic to shoot Jack’s 6 month session at your new home in January! I hope you love these as much as I do! xo

Jack’s nickname since he was in the womb. 🙂

Love this charm and their Irish descent. Such lovely skin tones!

GAH! Love this detail. Some people would call this old. I call it character!

A big thanks to Chris for allowing me to get this shot. We moved the sofa from along the wall to the right and placed it right in front of their window to get this incredible light. Don’t be afraid to rearrange some furniture to get the shot you want. Most people are more than willing and they will LOVE the results!

Ohmigosh! Look at this skin.

He is so adorable I can’t even stand it. Look at this tuft of hair! I also adore their vintage style, including this incredible quilt.

Sock monkies play a special part in their lives … as you’ll soon see.

More handmade goodness!

There is an internal UM v MSU rivalry going on here … so I thought they’d enjoy this shot. GO GREEN!

Nothing like being held by Grandma. {♥}

Time to change it up and head outside for a few shots. Jack was getting restless and this was exactly what he needed.

See! Love this hat!

Here’s Bella! Lovely family photo.

This quilt was made for Jack … I adore it!

Ahh, nice and sleepy again.


{john dudley … but you know him as jack} | michigan newborn photographer

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