January 11, 2013


I’ve always known that I want to photograph seniors. Watch out class of 2014, because I have my sights set on you. 🙂 I’m dating myself here, but senior shoots today are not like how it was for the class of 1998 (represent!). Today, they are a custom fashion shoot centered around capturing who the senior is as an individual. Each shoot is specifically tailored to their likes and each one has to have something a little different from the rest.
I am honored that I had the opportunity to shoot the absolutely drop-dead gorgeous Sabrina. It’s as though the gods bestowed upon me a gift for one of my first senior shoots: a tall, dark haired, genuine beauty and I am! After talking to Sabrina and her mom, we decided to do the shoot in downtown Birmingham. This would give us a mix of a natural setting as well as a downtown urban vibe. As soon as I started clicking, I knew Sabrina was going to rock the shoot. It’s intimidating to have someone in your face while you’re supposed to look natural and flawless, but she did it. It took all of a few minutes before she relaxed and her images are STUNNING.
Sabrina (and Trish!), thank you so much for trusting me with such an important event! I had an incredibly fun time with the both of you and hope you love these as much as I do. Here’s to the class of 2013! xo

Ohmigosh. The way the light hits her eyes here … I die.


I love Sabrina’s wrist tat in honor of her brother. {♥}


Girl, seriously. You are INsane and photograph flawlessly!

Gah! This light!!

Another favorite!

Seriously? Seriously.

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