March 12, 2013


I didn’t formally mention this on my blogsite … but I took off the month of February with regard to {kgP}. Much like accountants during tax season, my corporate gig has an annual deadline of March 01. This means long hours during the work week, often on weekends, and quite frankly, I just do not have any brain power left to do anything by the time February is over. Winter is historically slow as it is with regard to portraiture and I can truly say this was the best decision I could have made. My second best? Planning vacay for the first week of March as a mini celebration!
As my {kgP} readers know, my business began because I wanted to be able to document the moments of my own life through my camera lens. I loveloveLOVE having my camera with me when I travel to AHmazing places … but truth be told, it can be quite inconvenient. I traveled with 8 others to Puerto Vallarta and along with doing normal beachy things like catch some rays, read a good book and drink some Coronas, we also did an excursion or two. The highlight of our trip was riding ATVs through the residential part of PV and into the jungle for some off-roading. Could I take my mkIII with me? Um, no. So the saviors of the day were the good old point&shoots. However, four of us did walk the Malecon {Paseo Diaz Ordaz}, which is essentially the PV boardwalk, the day before we left and I took some snapshots of the area.
First, here is the view from our room at the Hilton overlooking Bandaras Bay. If you’re looking for a recommendation for an inexpensive all-inclusive place to stay, I highly recommend it. All the rooms have recently been renovated and we were able to score a deal for airfare + 6 days/5 nights for $1k.

Taking a self portrait with my new 24mm. 🙂

This was sunrise on our first morning there. Anddd, this is the only time I was able to catch this for the remainder of the trip. Ha.

Ahh, and now onto the Malecon we go.

Since the 80s, the Malecon has become a long promenade with a sculpture on almost every block.  Here we have the ‘Good Luck Unicorn’ and the ‘Slick Stone Eater’.

There are also life-sized sand sculptures that adorn the beach.

‘The Rotunda of the Sea’

Get used to being my subject, Lawrence.

‘In Search of Reason’. Not gonna lie, these dudes were kinda creepy.

This locale was a rock bar that we enjoyed one night with live rock music in both english and spanish. The best part is that each rocker is a chubby version of themselves!

Gotta hit up Senor Frogs. The American staple of Mexico.

2×1 Margaritas. 🙂

Ha. #truth

Continuing down the Malecon we find balancing stones.

LW with the twins, Brandon && Brett. Much appreciate their tolerance of me stopping to take pictures at every turn.

My fave statue: The Folkloric Dancers

Our excursion turned into a search for all the 2×1 margs on the strip. 🙂 If you know me you know I’m in LOVE with all the fab color on the old buildings.

Not a bad view.

There were also street performers; every few hours you’d hear a musical instrument {perhaps a piccolo or a recorder} and five men would climb to the top of this five story pole. They would begin to make the top spin, one man would stay atop the pole playing music and spinning the base while the other four would lower themselves upside down on a rope while it continued to spin. Pretty BA. Good thing we were drinking our margs on the balcony at this opportune time or I wouldn’t have been able to get these shots. 🙂

And not to mention, grab this last shot of the sunset. Adios, PV. It’s been real up in this piece. xo


{puerto vallarta … up in this piece} | michigan lifestyle photographer

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