May 20, 2013


It was one year to the day that we headed out for Lindsay {&} Alan’s engagement shoot. I can hardly believe that it is one year later and we were shooting their wedding this past Saturday.
We began the day with the girls getting ready at Lindsay’s childhood home in Plymouth. Whenever I am discussing the timeline with my brides, I always push for 90 minutes with the bride while she gets ready for her day. This allows me to capture the details, her donning her gown and some portraits prior to embarking on the craziness of the day. Plus, it is so much fun for me to get to know the girls during this time, as we’ll be spending the next 10 hours together. This bridal party certainly did not disappoint. The were SO much fun and I wanted to say thank you on behalf of the entire {kgP} team, as we felt truly welcomed.
So, without further ado, let’s get to it. I have a bazillion images to show you! Luckily Lindsay trusted me enough to transport her gown outside of her house (thank you!). I LOVE this image and her blue pumps. 🙂 Congrats, again you two! xo

While the girls were getting ready, there was a delivery. Alan purchased bottles of wine for them to share on their milestone anniversaries. Truly LOVE this idea — nice job, Alan. 🙂

Absolute FAVE image of the day.

Meanwhile, Wayne was over with the boys.


The girls were cracking me up. With every individual picture, they did one funny pose. It was hard to keep the camera still as I was giggling. Anyone who has a sister will get the pic on the right below. 🙂

We then walked around downtown Northville for some portraits. Linds rocked this in full sun — not an easy accomplishment.

Okay! Let’s go get married!

Lindsay & Alan got hitched at the awesome and truly unique Marquis Theater in downtown Northville. Nice to see that we were on schedule … ceremony begins at 4p!

Making it official!


The bridal party took the shuttle into downtown Plymouth for the reception at the Mayflower Meeting House. But first, we stopped by Kellogg Park for a few more portraits.

Oooh, girlll. Let’s do dis!

Now brides. I KNOW that planning a wedding is expensive. I KNOW you will always end up over budget by the time your big day arrives. But I cannot recommend uplighting enough. Unfortunately, it is one of the first items to get cut when trying to reduce the overall cost, but it can truly make or break your reception images! Lindsay and Alan chose to alternate the colors and I LOVE the variety in these photos!

Props to the bridal party for the hilarious intros!

Alright, let’s party! Time for the first dance.

After I saw this, I then knew where Alan got his sense of humor. 🙂 One of my faves of the day!

Some pretty sweet groomsmen gifts. GO GREEN! GO WHITE! {and apparently LTU.}

I also loved when the entire reception rode the train {led by Alan with the horse that originated at Lindsay’s bachelorette party in Nashville}!

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  1. Rachel says:

    You did a fabulous job, KG!! Lindsay was a gorgeous bride and I loved all the shots… they’re going to have a hard time choosing which ones to frame. I totally agree with you on the uplighting, too. 😉 Great job as always!

  2. Alyson says:

    Kristin, these photos are amazing! I love the emotion and detail you caught in each of these, and I can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂 Your whole team did a wonderful job on Saturday, and we are so happy that you were able to capture these gorgeous images!

  3. Emily says:

    These are incredible!!! I can’t even get over them. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  4. Barb Ganshorn says:

    WOW!!! It feels like I am still at the party. I can almost hear the music and laughter. Thank you for making beautiful memories for my son and his new bride. GREAT JOB!!! – Mom G


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