August 27, 2013


Most of you know that I work a corporate gig as my 9-5 and I shoot primarily on the weeknights and weekends. Every night when I get home {be it from work or shooting or both}, I have to make a decision. Do I:

a. Edit images from a pending portraiture session.
2. Blog images from a finished portraiture session.
d. Eat and go to bed.

First, that is a Home Alone reference. I applaud those of you who picked up on that. Considering the fact that it has been over a month and a half since my last blog post, I will let you use your noggin and determine by the process of elimination which options I choose on the reg.

I love my clients. I mean, seriously. I heart them with a vengeance. And I do not know why I get so lucky that they choose me, but I will take luck any day of the week. I mean, I wear a horse shoe necklace daily and have a tat on my hip to back that up. But let me just tell you that I love this family. I do not shoot in A2 often and I left there wondering why the #$&@ not. Katelyn mentioned to me that she is a photog as well and that one of her travel photos to Laos was PUBLISHED in AFAR Magazine. I was so giddy — that is SUCH an accomplishment, so I had to document accordingly. It is such an honor when a fellow photographer asks you to document their own loved ones, so Katelyn, thank you.

We began the session in their apartment in A2, as Katelyn and Greg did not know how long they would stay there and wanted to capture memories in Elliotte’s first home. After that they took me to Kerrytown, where they both worked for a time. I’m seriously in love. I’m sure you will be, too. {♥}


SUCH a big personality for such a little body.

Greg is a computer programmer and this book had me in stitches! Had to snap a shot of this before we left.


{the haskins family} | michigan family photographer

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