July 8, 2013


Wooo-weee. It’s been a while since I have written a personal blog post. Don’t let my lack of posting fool ya; my summer is so action packed with AHmazing weddings, engagements, families and babes that I barely have time to sit down and share a few images from my uber fab seshes! Pity.
You know, the reason why I purchased my Rebel T3i was so that I could do this. This very thing riiiight here. Take some ‘nice’ images of my own adventures. Granted, this little hobby of mine turned into something extraordinary, but this was why I wanted to learn to shoot my camera manually. Now I lug around two 5d Mark IIIs, but, I digress.
So, here we are. 4th of July and Larry and I are on our first getaway since our little trip to Puerto Vallarta in March. Seriously — it has been that long since we’ve done something FUN and RELAXING. Our weeks and weekends have turned into photo seshes, haunted house meetings {more on this to come!} and home renovations {this too!}. We headed up north to my family’s cabin on Starvation Lake in Mancelona and decided to take the boat through the Grass River Natural Area. We launched in Lake Bellaire, made our way through Clam Lake and ended at Torch Lake. For all you non-Michiganders, Torch Lake is the lake that Kid Rock is boating on during his “All Summer Long” video. Tasty little treat there for ya.
Daddio at the helm.

My gorg step-mother, Nancelia. Okay, it’s Nancy, but my sister donned her this name years ago.

My love of my life, Larry, and our 1 1/2 year old husky, Bel. This trip was her first time on a boat AND swimming in a lake.

Grass River has many cottages on the banks and some of the cutest scenes. Great photo ops. This flag was appropriate. 🙂

LOL. These three images crack me up. She was loving it.

I was bummed I had on my 35mm f/1.4L as we passed these babes. After this, I put on my 70-200mm f/2.8L. I don’t know about you, but it is such a hard decision for me to decide which lenses to bring on outings. No one wants to lug around 40 lbs of lenses, but man!


Yay! And we’ve arrived at Torch Lake. The water really is this blue! {♥}

This about sums up any summer day in Michigan … not to mention a holiday weekend!

Why this is important: the Michigan State ‘S’ emblem in ‘Earth’s’ below. 🙂 GO WHITE! xo

{a little up north action in antrim county} | michigan lifestyle photographer

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