November 3, 2013


When I received the email from Katie, at first I thought it was coincidental that she had the same last name of one of my fave portraiture clients. Nope. His baby sister. 🙂

My absolute favorite attribute of Katie and Mike is how easily Mike makes her laugh. When I first met them, I did notice they had distinctly different personalities, but when we shot their engagement session, to me, that is when their dynamic clicked. The best way I can describe it is Katie has a serious side and it is Mike’s goal to break that and send her into a fit of giggles. You’ll see it throughout this post. Their smiles are so genuine and you can tell how absolutely IN LOVE they are.

Their wedding was at the gorgeous Planterra in early September. It was humid and the clouds were just heavy enough to sprinkle throughout the day. I was actually thrilled for the cloud cover, as it provided even coverage for photos, as opposed to having to worry about directional light and shadows with the glass ceiling and walls.

Katie was a classic beauty and Mike looked so dapper in his tux. I hope you two love these as much as I do. 🙂 Okay! Here we go!

My assistant, Jen, had the AHmazing foresight to hang Katie’s stunning veil from their altar. Incredible

One of my faves. Katie, your gown could not have found a better bride. 🙂

Ahh! Time for the first look. Anyone who knows me knows this is my favorite part of the day. 🙂

To say those flowers are beautiful is an understatement! Just one of the perks of having your wedding at Planterra!

One of the twin flower girls. Watch out! The little ones at this wedding will melt your heart!

And then the sun peeked out. GLORIOUS!

Girl, you are so beautiful. I could not love this image more!

Ha, apparently my second photog, Wayne, was done shooting Mike’s portraits. THIS right here is what I’m talking about. 🙂

Alright, buddy. Now you get in here too!

EVERY detail was thought through. I was in heaven.

Are you kidding me with this??

Okay! It’s almost time!

This moment melts my heart.

Omg. My heart is so full.


Tying the knot. Literally.

Yay! We’re married!

And making it official!

Loved their card box … as the Mrs. is a doc herself! 🙂

And seriously one of the coolest guest books evah!

Oh, and did I mention Mike is a Michigan State Trooper? Mike has a captivating smile, but when he gives you a straight face … watch out. Lol.

Mr. & Mrs!

Now, I found out a little tidbit about Katie during the speeches … Katie was the only female on her HS football team. She started out about to toss the bouquet over her shoulder — then went with what felt right. This girl is FULL of surprises!

Mike, I’ll finish with this one for you. Much love and congrats! xo

Katie + Mike | Planterra | Michigan Wedding Photographer

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