November 7, 2013


So, this post is a departure from my usual images. This one is actually more of a personal post. You see, this is Liz. She and I have been in each other’s lives since we were three years old. Yes, that is three decades of friendship. This, my friends, is cray.

The array of memories that I have with this woman {I assume at the age of 33, we are both women now} are some of the best of my life. Like when we were in fifth grade and she used to wear her hair that was down to her waist in a ponytail on the top of her head with a longgg braid. THEN she’d swing her head around like a helicopter. That was sweet. Or when we were 15 and her sister was graduating and we stole a wine cooler from the grown ups at her graduation party and hid it in the bushes for later. But then we forgot we did that and her mom found it months later. Or when we were seniors in HS and my curfew was midnight and she negotiated hers to be 11:45p, which was perfect, as that was just enough time for me to drop her off and get my booty in the door by midnight. This continues as I stood by her side as she married the man of her dreams {after each of us nursing the other through our share of frogs} and then being there the day that she and Aaron expanded their own family with sweet Clayton.

This is not a birth story. I loveloveLOVE them, but these are simply images from my visit at the hospital the day that Clayton Russel was born. Much love to the both of you. xo

Look at this face!

Proud Papa!

And such a sweet ‘push gift!’

BFFs for 3 decades. Cray.
A very happy Aunt and Uncle! They are also known as The Bilos. 🙂

Another proud Uncle.
P.S. We used to dress him up as a girl and parade him down the street as kids. Welp, no permanent damage done. 🙂

And Clayton’s namesake, Grandpa Russell.

No one can get enough of this sweet babe. Here’s Grandma Judy! She had purchased two blankets: one in pink and one in blue. Clayton was a surprise for everyone!

Clayton Russell | Beaumont Hospital | Michigan Newborn Photographer

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