December 22, 2013


I’m going to warn you ahead of time: this last wedding post of the year is loaded with images.

It’s out of my control. You see, I adore this family and I was beyond honored when the little sister of one of my best friends asked me to document one of the most special days of their lives. There are so many things I want to say about Zach and Amanda, but most of all, I want everyone to know that they are more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside {and when you look at these images, I know it will be hard to believe!}. The amount of love, happiness and laughter that surrounded them by their family and friends is proof positive that you get back what you put out into the universe.

The girls began their day getting ready at the home of a family friend by Oak Pointe Country Club, where they would have their ceremony and reception. I walked in and was overcome at all of the beautiful details and upbeat energy — simply put, I had an absolute blast throughout the entire day. Z+A, I love you both dearly and I hope you love these images as much as I do!  SO, without further ado … xo

I love this image of Amanda’s Vera Wang gown next to her flower girl’s dress.

I love when a bride is well aware that she will not make it through the entire day in gorgeous heels … and plans accordingly. Especially when Plan B is Alexander McQueen Pumas.

I also love when I arrive early enough to document the bride opening her gift from her soon-to-be husband. I think the whole room was teary at this moment.

I also thought it was so special that Amanda only asked her Mom and her sister {+ MOH} to help her don her gown.


Meanwhile, at the local hotel, Zach and his guys are doing their thang.

I have mentioned this before, but I love when I am editing the images and come across scenes from my 2nd photographer that show me what was really happening while I was away.

It’s not just the girls who get purple Pumas. 🙂

Anddd, my fave part.

Truthfully, I think this is my favorite image from the entire day. They are all so beautiful, but this brings me right back to this tender moment. This is what it’s all about.

And they had one hellava wedding party!

Amanda + Zach lived in Chicago and is where they got engaged. They now live on the east coast, but when Amanda and her girls went back to Chi-town for her bachelorette party, they have an image with a firetruck from the Chicago Fire Department. It was only fitting that when we saw this firetruck driving down the street, they stop and pose accordingly. Thank you to the Brighton Fire Department … but really, how could they say no to this? 🙂

The 2nd best part of the first look is that you have the luxury of building in ample time for portraits. Then, once your wedding ceremony is over, it’s strictly time to celebrate. I pretty much died as soon as I found this back-lit location.

Alright, let’s get to it!

Yay! We’re married!

This was one portrait Zach wanted to wait for until after the I-Dos … and I’m glad we did!

I’m with you Lola. Let’s party!

My heart melted when I saw this. 🙂

Again, why I love having a 2nd shooter. I know what my view looked like, but this was Wayne’s.

Once the lights went down, the room took on an entirely different glow.

Amanda + Zach | Oak pointe Country Club | Michigan Wedding Photographer

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