March 7, 2014


So one of my FAVE aspects of my new blogsite is something very small. In fact, I realize that my site is just so overwhelming with new awesomeness that you may have just glazed over it … but it is the four icons in the footer of the page that are essentially four things that I’m relatively obsessed with at the moment. And so, I’m going to COMMIT and actually do a weekly Friday blog post explaining exactly why they made the list. Innately I feel that the ‘this week’ part of the post means I should make this a Monday ritual … but, meh. I choose Friday because everyone needs something light to read prior to the weekend and, for me, Friday is the start of my photography life anyway.  AND, be sure to read all the way to the bottom for your chance to WIN a little piece of one of my FAVES in a super simple CONTEST.

Starbucks. If you follow me on ANY of my social media, you know that this is my number one vice. I have a whole litany of reasons why, but the truth is, my morning latte is the primary reason why I can make it through my weekly mornings. Okay, I will admit that I’ve never been a morning person, but once I hit 30, getting up at 8a on the weekends is seemingly the norm {much to Larry’s chagrin — it’s like the kid is a teen; he could sleep until noon if I let him}.  I’ve tried other things. I’ve tried making coffee at home and using my adorable travel mugs, but the problem here is that I don’t eat breakfast. I know, I know. I’m 33. I just don’t. And if I do not have the milk in my coffee then I’m STARVING by 10a and feel nauseous and then I have to snack on the saltines that I keep in my desk that I hoard from lunch. Do you see the downward spiral here?
P.S. I seriously think this gives my father heart failure. You spend WHAT on your coffee every day?? A cup of coffee should cost 50 cents!

Blistex. In the tub; not the tube {this is very important}. If you are also living in the mitten right now, I really do not need to tell you WHY this is at the top of my list. I mean, I realize this winter has been BRUTAL for everyone, but news report after report keeps reiterating how Detroit has had the worst winter of everyone. I mean, if it’s colder in the D than it is in Antarctica, there is a problem. %$#& YOU Polar Vortex. It’s so bad that if I do not have any with me and we’re going to be in the car for a while … it means a special pit-stop. Larry loves me.

Okay, I do have a slight silver lining. I WILL say that this winter has shown more sunshine than I ever remember in prior winters. That is a little known secret about Detroit winters — they are usually grey and cloud covered and so I have shot several winter engagement sessions this season with GORGEOUS light that would have been relatively unheard of. So, thank you for that PV.

Our Couch. Okay, I have a love/hate relationship with Potterybarn. I don’t WANT to love it so much, but, I do. I moved in with Larry last March and so we’ve been renovating our home for the past year. I’d describe our {my?} taste as more traditional with a bit of eclectic flava. Essentially I meld Potterybarn, Marshalls/Homegoods and Pier 1 together and I play interior designer — if you like home renovations and DIY projects, be sure to also follow me on Instagram {@kristingphoto}. 🙂 Anyway, we were looking for the perfect couch for our space for a good six months. I originally saw this chaise sectional on Potterybarn and thought there was NO WAY I was going to spend that money on a leather couch when we didn’t even know how long we were going to stay in our home. And so I kept perusing online sites, local furniture stores and the like … and six months later in a moment of weakness, I finally bit the bullet and purchased our Turner Leather Sectional and it was THE BEST DECISION OF LIFE. LW was skeptical {and truthfully, so was I} … until she arrived. TOTAL VALIDATION when he turned to me and said this was the best purchase ever. It’s soft and deep and we can both buckle on couch with out falling off. Buckle? Yes, buckle. When we would lay down on our old couch and spoon while watching tv, I once told Larry to “buckle me in” by putting his arm around my waist so I wouldn’t feel like I was falling off of the couch. And so, ‘buckling’ ensued. 🙂

Miley. Don’t you judge me! I know. A lot of you will hate me for this. I heart Miley and absolutely cannot wait for the #bangerztour to come to Detroit in April! While I may not have loved Miley all the way back to the days of Hannah Montana, I jumped onto the bandwagon back with Party in the USA {which, I just looked up, was released in 2009 — GOOD LORD}. So, I would say 5 years does a fan make. I know her antics are somewhattt controversial {ha!}, but I do love her music {23!}, her trendsetting {I MAY be rocking a similar cut!} and her fashion {I mean, have you seen her Marc Jacobs ads??}.

Okay kids, you have a FAB weekend. I’m SUPER stoked for my boudoir shoot tomorrow {more on this to come! YAY!!!}. AND, in honor of my kick-off of my weekly FAVES post, I am offering a CONTEST! Win a $25 Starbucks Gift Card by simply by leaving comment below sharing something you’re currently obsessed with {that maybe I should ALSO be obsessed with!}. I’ll use to choose the winner and I’ll happily send you this Starbucks card as an e-gift, so be sure to include your email address when leaving your comment! Contest ends on Sunday at midnight! xo

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  1. heather says: – not a physical thing but I cannot STOP watching it! So many awesome lectures and tips for free from people who are awesome at what they do! happy friday! 🙂 -h

  2. Meg Lafferty says:

    I am OBSESSED with Starbucks chai tea lattes!! I literally wake up in the morning with a smile on my face knowing that on my way to work I am going to get one and it makes my day! <3

  3. William J Ford says:

    I am obsessed with Luigi’s. Its the most perfect restaurant, located in Harrison Twp, MI. I want to eat there everyday!!!!

  4. I’m a new starbucks lover!!! Can’t get enough of their vanilla lattes.

  5. Amanda Piccola says:

    Currently (and for the past 2 years) been obsessed with the tv show – Suits! It’s probably the only TV show that I’ve been dedicated to and LOOVE it!

  6. @Amanda Piccola: ooh! Thanks for the rec! My guilty pleasure is currently House of Cards {hint into next week’s faves??}, but I’ll add that to the list. @William J Ford: I think we may need to head to the ES VERY soon! Double date?? 🙂 @Katelyn Coughenour: watch out! It’s a slippery slope! @Meg Lafferty: I also buy the Chai Tea mix from Kroger and heat it up with skim milk — it gets me through the weekends! @Heather: I see so many interesting topics — I definitely need to make this a priority!

  7. Jenny Smolinski says:

    My Lifefactory glass water bottle! Has a silicone sleeve and is actually quite durable. Beats drinking out of plastic!

  8. Ried says:

    Agree on Starbucks for sure and have a hard time not getting one every time I pass a store… Especially the ultimate Mecca drive thrus! But y current obsession is yoga at Plymouth Yoga Room where you can sweat to the point you can’t see out your eyes! It feels great and makes me Happy!!!! Which is my other current obsession along with millions others thanks to Pharrell:)

  9. Karin says:

    Starbucks – yes an obsession. But their sister company – Teavana – Wild Orange Blossom and Youthberry mix – AMAZING! My daily drink in between coffee 🙂

  10. I would have to say that I am obsessed with my Game of Thrones! Gearing up for season 4, and I am working through season 3 right now 🙂

  11. Thank you to everyone who left a comment! With 9 comments, you had a good chance to win the gift card and the big winner is … No. 3, William J Ford! Your SB e-gift will be coming soon! 🙂 xo


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