March 6, 2014


I’m not gonna lie. Working full-time in Corporate America and running {kgP} is TOUGH. I was SO excited to launch my new site and debut my new promo video … and then what? Crickets. CRICKETS, I tell you, as I worked tirelessly through the last two weeks of February to hit my big corporate deadline and I have not blogged. And it’s not just this particular time of year. I always have to make choices. When I get home from work at 7p, do I want to blog? Do I edit? Do I work on an album design? Do I work on the personal project I PROMISED myself I’d do at last once a season? Do I *gasp!* go to the gym? Or do I watch another episode of House of Cards {side note: one might say I have an unhealthy obsession with Frank Underwood}? Oh, and then there’s that whole eat and sleep thing.
SO, all of that to say that I always have these great visions for {kgP} and I do have plans to make them a reality. But, until Larry surprised me with my promo video for my 33rd birthday, that’s all this particular item was … a plan.

I’m going to assume it was that Lars wanted me to have something SUPER special for my first birthday we were sharing together instead of believing that he was simply sick of me talking incessantly about this supposed video, and that is why he hired the incredible team of Zara Creative. I may not have been ‘ready’ per se, but I also knew that planning this shoot was going to jump start my ability to now showcase who I am as a photographer. 
And so, I planned three 20 minute mini-sessions for my video: a gorgeous HS senior, an adorable family and a fabulous couple — and I want to introduce you to all of them.

Meet Carly. She may look familiar, as she is the younger sister of my previous {kgP} bride, Christine {and my future {kgP} bride, Sonia!}. If you’ve ever had professional photos done, you know it isn’t easy. You’re nervous. You’re self-conscious.  And now add in the fact that you are also having a video camera shoved in your face all while you’re supposed to be smiling and acting natural.

Well, guess what? Carly rocked it.

As I mentioned, we only shot for 20 minutes and Carly didn’t skip a beat. And, truthfully, I was so into how fabulous she was, I barely noticed the cameras around us while we did our thing. Look at her. Psh, she’s got this.

What’s even more incredible is how amazing she looks without any editing. Hey Eric, no worries, you look pretty good, too. 🙂

And so, I hope you enjoy Carly’s senior mini-sesh. I cannot wait to get her back in front of my camera. Thank you SO much, Carly! You were nothing short of amazing and I had SUCH a fun time shooing your fabulous session! xo

Carly :: Roseville HS :: Class of 2014 | Michigan Senior Photographer

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  1. Angela says:

    OMG!! She looks amazing! Can I be a senior again and have you take my pictures? LOL!


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