February 22, 2014


I’ve loved Laura from the moment she emailed me the very first time about her and Adam’s wedding this coming June. Why? When she signed her name, she signed it ‘Laura H*** (soon to be M***, yay!)’.

Laura and Adam currently reside in Florida, but are heading home to tie the knot in Laura’s hometown in Plymouth. They wanted to get some snowy portraits when they were home for Christmas and, as luck would have it, they seriously had one of the most glorious winter days we’ve had here in the mitten this season.

When I communicate with my brides, I have to say, I do like when they send me a Pinterest board of ideas. I know other photogs dislike it. Greatly. But for me, it helps me ensure that we are on the same page for the vision for their shoot. By no means will I spend time recreating someone else’s portraits, but I will keep the emotion depicted from those images in mind. And if they are pinning things that are not in my wheelhouse, it’s best that I communicate this before the shoot instead of after. So, I was overjoyed when she sent me the link to her inspirational winter engagement shots because I knew she’d take the extra steps to bring cute props and make our sesh super fab.

She didn’t disappoint.

And so, I share with you this STUNNING couple and I am SO stoked to shoot their wedding in just four short months. xo

I mean, really. Can you blame me?

Oooh, girl. I cannot wait to get you in front of my lens again!

Although, this guy isn’t so bad either. 🙂


L+A met at Central Michigan University, so this blanket was highly appropriate. Fire up, Chips!

This sunset was killer. Truly, nothing I love more than gorgeous light! Well, I guess gorgeous light with a gorgeous couple.

Haha. Heart them! Adam and his Rocky jacket. 🙂

Oh, and a HUGE thank you to Adam’s Dad for assisting me during the shoot — holding my Shootsac and finding my macro lens hood when I left it somewhere in the field after getting ring shots. Are you for hire? 🙂

Laura + Adam | Michigan Engagement Photographer

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  1. Debra Bourassa says:

    I love this so much..What a gorgeous couple! Only you could capture this Kristin!


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