May 22, 2014


I have so many wonderful things to say about this gorgeous fete! First, if you’re not from Michigan, you may have had a glimpse of your own horrid winter, but here, every Michigander is DYING for some semblance of summer. Not only was this winter brutal, but this spring has consisted entirely of thunderstorms. I’m not a big weather watcher, but I did keep my eye on my app this particular week because I needed to plan for covered group portraits in the event of rain. BUT, I woke up to blue skies and this May wedding took place on a fabulous, sunny, 70 degree day.

We began the day with the entire bridal party getting ready at the STUNNING Fort Street Presbyterian Church in Detroit. I absolutely loved the muted pink and peach bridesmaids dresses; the color pallet was just lovely! Lisa and Dave both have such a fun and energetic group of friends and their families were so warm and welcoming. We had such a great time walking around downtown Detroit for the group portraits and then we headed back to the suburbs for the super fun reception at Penna’s of Sterling.

So, let me start showing you this gorgeousness! Gah! This CHURCH.

And then it was time for the stunning Lisa to don her gown. This is always one of my favorite parts of the day.

Girl. Your features are just beautiful. And I’m beyond jealous over your thick, gorgeous hair!

And then this strong breeze blew through the front of the church. I about DIED.

And, DAVE. You have the best smile; it warms the room.

Okay! It’s time!

Now introducing Mr. + Mrs. Fabris! My absolute fave image of the day!

And then we all heading into Campus Martius for portraits. Couldn’t love this group of friends more! They were down for anything — and if you’ve worked with me before, I’m veryyy particular. So we do it until I get my shot. 🙂

Ha, the guys weren’t joking when they asked me if I wanted a coney dog. BREAK TIME!

Let the party begin!

If you’ve never been to Penna’s, their signature is their flaming Cherries Jubilee. Always a great performance!

Lisa + Dave | Fort Street Presbyterian + Penna’s | Michigan Wedding Photographer

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