January 24, 2015


Well, friends. This post is a long time coming! I am SO happy to share that my husband and I welcomed our first little babe into this world on December 30th and we are oh-so-in love! We had decided not to find out our babe’s gender, so when it came time to design the nursery, we had to create a base that could go in either direction once we met our little one.
Where to start? Welp. We didn’t know. All I know is that I am glad we started building this in August otherwise I have no idea where we would have found the time for all of these projects. I started by perusing the various nursery and mommy blogs until I came across this white-washed pallet wall. This is where it all began. I then created a secret Pinterest board and started collecting all of my ideas so they were in some organizational fashion. I’m not going to go into crazy detail on each item here, as this blog post would be forever long, but if anyone has any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer or even create its own blog post!
Now that the nursery is finished, I did make my nursery Pinterest board public, so feel free to check out where my inspiration came from! As I mentioned, the base needed to be gender neutral and only when we welcomed our son did we hang this large W from Hobby Lobby over the crib and knew any additional decor would have an industrial feel to it. Might I add, I had purchased this W months ago for our boy name, but I never did create the large V we would have needed for our little girl. COINCIDENCE? I dunno.
In case anyone is wondering, our son’s name is Will. 🙂

Ahh, our pallet wall. I’m lucky every time I come to Larry with a new design idea he goes for it. We thought this would take one weekend; well, it took three. Absolutely well worth it! Plus, it gave us an excuse to buy some BA saws from Home Depot. Our crib and sconces are from Restoration Hardware baby&child and we chose the DropCam Pro as our baby monitor {and TOTALLY recommend it!}.

As is our adorable crib bedding.

We loveloveLOVE our wingback chair from Pottery Barn Kids and we custom made the bookshelves with more pallet wood.

These stripes on the ceiling were the bane of our existence; try getting a straight line with two Type-A people! We finally found our groove once we used a self-adhering laser level and frog tape {#bluetapesucks}. I do have to say, it was well worth it. Will loves laying on his changing pad or in the crib and staring up at the ceiling; the easy color variation is one of the first things they see as newborns. 🙂

I was tired of shuffling our rescue pup, Max, out of the room for the images. Here’s his photobomb. 🙂

Our custom window treatments were created by altering RH’s curtain panels.

Hi Max.

This dresser belonged to my grandmother and was used by at least three of my aunts and uncles growing up. We brought her home, I sanded her down and repurposed her with stain on top, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the bottom followed by some distressing and wax. The hardware is galvanized steel garden knobs found on Etsy.

Ahh, and my custom alphabet. These began as plain, brown paper mache letters. Added a little acrylic paint, some scrapbook paper, a sanding block to distress the edges and some creative positioning and we have an awesome wall feature!

The closest. This took a bit of research, but the final decision was to purchase the shelving from Ikea for storage and to add a little finesse with the gold metallic stars.

And these adorable Starbucks cups cannot even be taken apart for these swaddling blankets. Thank you, again, Missy! 🙂

We have the clothes separated using distressed dividers also found on Etsy.

And my fave image, my husband and new son cuddling in our nursery. That lifestyle session coming soon! xo

Our DIY Nursery | Michigan Lifestyle Photographer

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