January 26, 2015


This is a very special post; this is family. When my sister and I were young, my dad married an amazing woman. Like, truly incredible (!) and we are lucky to call her our own. 🙂 There are all types of family these days and mine is proof-positive that blood does not equal family. We also inherited three brothers and I would like to introduce you to the oldest, John, his lovely wife Laura, and their new babe, Johnny.
I may be biased, but they may truly be the most adorable family ever.

Of course, some nursery shots.

John and Laura met at MSU, so you know there will be some Spartan paraphernalia peppered throughout!

Dads always have a way of calming a little one. 🙂

Well, hi, Johnny! Look at this beautiful babe! And, of course, their other baby. 🙂

Aww. There is nothing better than snuggles with Mama.

Omgosh. This face!

And this precious little mohawk!

Ha! Such a little stinker. {♥}

See, I told you they were truly this perfect. 🙂 Much love to the three of you! xo


John Ogden II | Michigan Newborn Photographer

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