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This is a very special post; this is family. When my sister and I were young, my dad married an amazing woman. Like, truly incredible (!) and we are lucky to call her our own. 🙂 There are all types of family these days and mine is proof-positive that blood does not equal family. We also inherited […]


I’ve loved Laura from the moment she emailed me the very first time about her and Adam’s wedding this coming June. Why? When she signed her name, she signed it ‘Laura H*** (soon to be M***, yay!)’. Laura and Adam currently reside in Florida, but are heading home to tie the knot in Laura’s hometown […]

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Until now, I have not typically referred to myself as a wedding photographer. As I’ve mentioned before, my {kgP} brides have all found me solely by referral, typically by me shooting a lifestyle session of one of their friends or family members. I am ecstatic to showcase one absolutely fantastic winter wedding from my first […]


If you follow this blog at all, I keep mentioning that 2012 was a whirlwind. I hate to keep repeating myself (common occurrence, however), but ’tis true. For me, personally, it was so crazy because I was still figuring everything out. Everything. From how to work my camera to how to price my work to how […]

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