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I have my mini-sessions coming up in two weeks and I’ve been brainstorming ideas as to how I want to set the scene. If we are friends on FB {as I am with many of my past clients}, you know that I recently moved to the country. LW will contest that it is NOT the […]


Wooo-weee. It’s been a while since I have written a personal blog post. Don’t let my lack of posting fool ya; my summer is so action packed with AHmazing weddings, engagements, families and babes that I barely have time to sit down and share a few images from my uber fab seshes! Pity. You know, […]

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I didn’t formally mention this on my blogsite … but I took off the month of February with regard to {kgP}. Much like accountants during tax season, my corporate gig has an annual deadline of March 01. This means long hours during the work week, often on weekends, and quite frankly, I just do not […]


If you follow this blog at all, I keep mentioning that 2012 was a whirlwind. I hate to keep repeating myself (common occurrence, however), but ’tis true. For me, personally, it was so crazy because I was still figuring everything out. Everything. From how to work my camera to how to price my work to how […]

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